For the Investors

OPMNG offers various options for investing in specific projects and acquisitions that have undergone a thorough analysis with clear economic results, including risk assessment.

Individual investments can be directed to short-term (1-2 years) or medium-term projects (2-4 years) with predetermined criteria and tools for maximum security of investment.

We will be pleased to discuss more detailed information about the respective options in person.

If interested, please contact us at:

Investment projects/ developer projects:

  • this is a short to medium-term investment with a high expected return rate
  • residential, commercial and business projects, building plots for development
  • depending on the amount of capital invested, direct participation in the project company, which is also the owner of the property, or participation in the form of a loan with a share of profit or, in a form of a loan secured by a lien on the property, is possible.
  • participation in profit is realized in the form of dividend payment and through the payment of interest on provided loans.
  • the paid-up capital and profit shares are paid after the project is completed and the real estate is sold